Emma Mattress Overview

The Emma mattress is a memory foam mattress known for its cooling, comfortable, and spinal alignment qualities. The Emma mattress is different than traditional memory foam mattresses, in that it combines a memory foam layer with two other layers of different types of foam. The aim of this design is to provide customers with the comfortable feeling of memory foam, without the less attractive qualities like the tendency to overheat or feel stuck in the mattress. 

Emma offers its customers a European sleep experience. This is due to the fact that the company was founded in Europe, though all of their Canadian and American mattresses are produced in the US. The European innovation that Emma offers the US market is unique in that it was developed to address some specific factors. For example, the cooling technology present in the Emma mattress was developed largely in response to the lack of air conditioning throughout European homes. While many US consumers do in fact have AC, many sleepers complain of overheating during sleep. Emma attempts to counteract this issue with its unique open-cell design.

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Casper Mattress Overview

The Casper mattress is also a memory foam mattress, though Casper offers a variety of different models. For the purpose of this review, we will be focusing on the original Casper mattress. The Casper mattress boasts impressive zone-support technology, meaning that bodily pressure is distributed in a way that adapts to each individual body. Similar to the Emma mattress, Casper utilizes different foams to provide customers with a unique blend of comfort and support.

The unique aspect of the Casper mattress is that it combines both memory foam and latex. This is what allows for the targeted pressure relief that is the main selling point of the Casper mattress. The Casper mattress is also a breathable one, in that it uses open-cell foam to allow for air to circulate through the mattress and avoid trapping body heat. Given the zoning technology of the mattress, the Casper mattress does well to align the spine in an optimal position.

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How is the Emma Mattress made?

The Emma mattress consists of three layers of different foams. Each foam boasts different qualities.

Cover – the Emma mattress cover encases the mattress. The cover is also responsible for keeping the mattress cool, as it works to regulate the climate. Air flows freely through the cover and heat does not get trapped.

Comfort Layer – The next layer is the Airgocell® foam layer, which is largely responsible for the mattress’ impressive motion-isolation quality. The Airgocell® foam was developed uniquely to mitigate the negative effects of the memory foam as previously mentioned. Thus, the Airgocell® foam layer allows for air circulation through its open cell structure and prevents the sleeper from sinking into the mattress too much.

Transition Layer – The second layer of the Emma mattress is the memory foam layer. More specifically, the layer is made from visco-elastic memory foam. This layer works to evenly distribute the sleeper’s weight throughout the mattress, so no pressure points are aggravated. 

Base Layer – This layer is made up of high density poly foam and provides the overall firmness for the bed. This sturdy layer is designed with zoned support, this means you get pressure relief in common problem areas and softness in the places you want to sink into the mattress a little bit. Overall, this mattress is designed to accommodate all sleepers because of its unique construction. 

How is the Casper Mattress Made?

The Casper original is also an all foam mattress but contains one more layer than the Emma mattress. Let’s look layer by layer to see what each of these have to offer.

Cover – The cover is easily removable and machine washable. It is made of a polyester blend, similar to most of the foam mattresses on the market.

Comfort Layer – The top layer is another foam layer that utilizes open-cell technology. This layer is responsible for keeping the mattress cool despite the heavy use of foam. This layer is also known as the comfort layer. 

Contour Layer – The next layer of the Casper mattress is the memory foam layer. As Casper is marketed as a memory foam mattress, this layer provides all of the comfort of memory foam that is so popular throughout the mattress industry. This layer allows the sleeper to sink into the mattress a bit at the ideal points.

Transition Layer – The third layer is another type of poly foam, which serves to provide zone specific support, this is similar to what Emma has in their base layer. As a result, the heavier parts of your body will be more supported and thus the mattress is meant to adapt to all body types.

Base Layer – The base of the Casper mattress is made of a high density poly foam. This serves as the structure of the mattress and is ultimately responsible for the support the mattress provides.

Emma vs. Casper Firmness

The Emma mattress is considered a medium-firm mattress which is an ideal blend of comfort and support. The Emma mattress ranks about a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 being the most firm). This means that your heavier pressure points sink into the mattress a bit, cradling your important contours, while the parts of your body that need support (i.e. your spine), sit more on top of the mattress.


Back – The Emma mattress is also a great choice for back sleepers, as they require optimal spinal alignment to prevent back problems. The way that the blend of foams in the Emma mattress adapts to curves in the body, provides back sleepers with the comfort and support they need.

Side – The Emma is ideal for side sleepers, who need softer mattresses. This is due to the fact that sleeping on your side puts a lot of pressure on your hips and shoulders. The firmness level of the Emma does well to mitigate any harsh effects on the body from this sleeping position. 

Stomach – On the other hand, often prefer mattresses that are a bit more firm. This is due to the tendency of a stomach sleepers’ hips to sink down if a mattress is too soft. Thus, while some stomach sleepers may like the feel of a softer mattress, the majority may prefer a firmer one.


The Casper mattress falls a bit on the firmer side of the scale when compared with the Emma mattress. The Casper mattress ranks about a 7 out of 10, making it one of the more firm memory foam mattresses. While the Casper mattress does distribute pressure points, you will feel less of these pressure points sinking into the mattress, and slightly more of a supported feeling.

Back – Back sleepers will find that their weight is evenly distributed throughout the mattress. It depends on your preference whether or not you want a little bit of a sinking feeling that the Casper may not offer you.

Side – For side sleepers, the Casper mattress may feel a bit too firm, as side sleepers do tend to have harsher pressure points than other types of sleepers. This means that a cushioning feel is necessary for side sleepers to get the optimal night’s sleep, so they don’t wake up feeling pain in their hips or shoulders. While the zoned support is softer around the shoulder and hips, the areas are still slightly firmer than other memory foam mattresses.

Stomach – For stomach sleepers, the Casper mattress offers a good amount of support to prevent the hips from sinking into the mattress, unlike softer mattresses. This is important to keep the spine aligned.

Emma vs. Casper Motion Transfer

If you share your bed you know that it is easy to be woken up by your significant other (or dog). Those people should be looking for a mattress with low motion transfer. Memory foam mattresses, like Emma and Casper, tend to perform well in these tests because foam is good at absorbing motion without redistributing it.  As expected, both Emma and Casper’s composition isolates motion well. Given the presence of memory foam in each mattress, it is unlikely that you will feel your partner moving on either mattress. 

Emma vs. Casper Amenities

Both Emma and Casper mattresses offer online mattress retailer standards for amenities.


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Emma vs. Casper Pricing




Twin XL$899$995
California King$1,399$1,495