Emma vs. Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

Two of the biggest names in today’s bed-in-a-box market are Emma and Tuft & Needle. Emma is a German engineered mattress that took off in Europe by providing a mattress with a focus on spine support, no matter your preferred sleeping position. Tuft & Needle made their names by providing a well-balanced mattress that provides good bounce along with having the ability to relieve pressure in important areas. Both mattresses are great, but which one comes out ahead? Check our comparison!


Similarities between Tuft & Needle and Emma

These mattresses occupy a similar segment of the market, so let’s compare the similarities between the two:

Is Emma a Memory Foam Mattress?

Yes, part of Emma’s unique design includes memory foam making Emma a memory foam mattress. Emma incorporates three distinct layers that are made of all-foam. Its blend of Airgocell foam, memory foam, and dense polyfoam give the sleeper excellent pressure relief, and a mattress that will contour to your body without sinking too much. Emma also utilizes zoned support to balance out how soft and luxurious the mattress feels with excellent support for you.

Cover – The removable and washable cover is made of a polyester blend. Polyester is commonly found in mattress covers because of its ability to disperse heat and keep the sleeper cool.

Comfort Layer – The comfort layer is where Emma selected to use Airgocell foam. This 1.5” thick layer is built to respond quickly to pressure and allows good mobility along with pressure relief. The open pores on the Airgocell foam also allow air to flow through, keeping the mattress at a good temperature for the sleeper

Contour Layer – This layer contains 2” of memory foam. This soft layer is great for side sleepers but for a lot of back and stomach sleepers it sinks too much. This is not the case with the Emma mattress because of how it works with the Airgocell foam in the comfort layer. These layers work together to provide a comfortable softness and strong support for all sleepers.

Foundation Layer – The base layer is made up of HD poly foam. This layer gives the mattress its shape along with sturdiness and firmness. This layer also counteracts the extremely soft memory foam layer to give the mattress a good balanced feeling. Also included here is zoned support, this means the mattress provides support, and softness, exactly where you want.

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How are Tuft & Needle Mattresses Made?

Tuft & Needle makes an all foam mattress that comes in at 10” tall. Its layers provide a sturdy, comfortable experience that will please many sleepers

Cover – The polyester blend that the cover is made with allows air to flow through it to keep you cool while you are sleeping.

Comfort Layer – This is the layer that contains Tuft & Needle’s proprietary poly foam. This layer gives the sleeper good mobility, so you won’t get that sinking feeling that you may experience with traditional memory foam mattresses. It also contains some cooling gel that prevents the mattress from getting too hot.

Support Layer – The last layer that the Tuft & Needle mattress has to offer is 7” of high-density foam. This layer gives the mattress its firmness and sturdiness. This mattress only has two layers compared to Emma’s three, this can be disadvantageous to heavier folks who might go through the comfort layer straight into the firmer support.

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Key Differences between Emma and Tuft & Needle

While both of these bed-in-a-box mattresses are all foam, there are a few things that set them apart from each other

How firm is the Emma mattress?

The Emma memory foam mattress has a well-balanced design, it is soft, but it still provides support in important areas. On the firmness scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is the firmest, Emma sits at about a 6. Is it the right mattress for you? That may come down to what type of sleeper you are.

Back – The mix of Airgocell foam and memory foam really come to the benefit of back sleepers. The memory foam provides that soft, contouring feeling that also gives cushion to your spine. The Airgocell works in concert to provide that mobility and bounce that will keep you from feeling sunk and stuck in the memory foam layer. Overall back sleepers will have an excellent night of sleep on this mattress.

Side – Side sleepers do not have to look much further than the Emma mattress. A problem for people sleeping on their side can be that they are not getting enough pressure relief at their shoulders and hips. The memory foam provides contoured pressure relief at those points, while the zoned support lifts your hips to provide extra relief for your spine and shoulders.

Stomach – A soft bed can be a problem for stomach sleepers because, particularly at the hips, it does not provide enough support. Emma’s use of Airgocell foam counteracts the problem that another soft mattress would face. The combined softness and support make this a comfortable night of sleep for stomach sleepers

Whether you are a back, side, stomach, or some combination of all three the Emma mattress will provide you with an excellent night of sleep that will leave you feeling well-rested and refreshed in the morning.

Are Tuft & Needle Mattresses Firm?

Tuft & Needle is firmer than Emma, most likely as a result of the use of only two layers of foam.On the firmness scale from 1 to 10, Tuft & Needle is at 7.5. For sleepers looking for a firm sleeping experience, this may be a mattress worth considering.

Back – Back sleepers will notice a good mix of support and cushiony relief. As a result of the firm mattress mobility is good and you will be able to change positions easily.

Side – Due to the firmness of the mattress side sleepers may not be as comfortable. The increased pressure may not be as comfortable on your shoulders and hips. If you do not mind a little firmness than this mattress is definitely viable, as always, it comes down to personal preference.

Stomach – Firmer mattresses are usually preferred by stomach sleepers because of the support given to the hip area. This mattress is no exception, it provides good support to your core and hips, crucial areas to get a good night’s sleep on your stomach.

The firmness of this mattress can be a pro or con based on personal preference. However, it is still a well-designed mattress that will deliver a good night of sleep to almost anyone.

Shipping and Other Information for Emma and Tuft & Needle

Both of these companies are bed-in-a-box mattress companies, so they abide by the bed-in-a-box company standard when it comes to shipping, trial period and warranty.

Price and Sizes of Emma vs. Tuft & Needle

If you are still debating between two excellent mattresses, your decision may come down to price. When it comes to base price Tuft & Needle is cheaper, but Emma has that extra layer to give you a well-balanced mattress, not to mention they often have sales.




Tuft & Needle

Twin XL$899$575
California King$1,399$1,145.17


Which mattress should I buy?

A mattress is a pretty big and long-term purchase for most people, and thus can heavily depend on personal preference. However, we are comparing to mattresses here and need to reach a conclusion. After going through everything I would say that the Emma Mattress appeals to the widest range of sleepers and will deliver an excellent night’s sleep. If you want something firm, Tuft & Needle may be better for you.

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