Endy Mattress Overview

Endy is one of the biggest names in online mattress retailers in Canada. They entered the market in 2015 and have made their name with a quality mattress that is made entirely in Canada. They have also developed their own foam to give their mattress a completely unique feel. 

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Casper Mattress Overview

Casper has made its name as one of the biggest bed-in-a-box companies in the US and has expanded and made big waves in Canada. They now have a retail presence in Canada and the mattresses sold there are also made there. For the purposes of this review we will be looking at The Casper Mattress, Casper’s original and most popular mattress. Casper also offers The Wave and The Essential so almost anyone can find the right mattress for them. 

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How Endy Mattress is made:

The Endy Mattress has three foam layers, which is one less than The Casper Mattress. However, this does not mean it is an inferior product. Let’s look at each layer to get a closer look at how the mattress is made. 

Cover – The mattress cover is made of a blend of polyester and spandex. 

Comfort Layer – The comfort layer is where Endy uses their proprietary foam. It is designed to provide cooling due to the usage of open-cell memory foam. It also allows for some contouring to provide maximum comfort.

Transition Layer – The next layer down is made of 3 inches of poly foam. This foam is firmer than the one above it to provide some support that memory foam lacks. 

Foundation Layer – The base of the mattress is made of high density poly foam. This is typical of all foam mattresses because it provides a sturdy foundation for the rest of the mattress. 

How Casper Mattress is made:

The Casper Mattress contains 4 layers of foam, which is actually one or two layers more than a lot of their competition. For some sleepers this mean some extra support and comfort. 

Cover – The cover is made of latex so it is breathable, it is also removable and machine washable. 

Comfort Layer – This top layer of this mattress is comprised of open-cell foam. This layer allows air to flow through easily so the mattress does not overheat, a common problem with foam mattresses. 

Contour Layer – The Casper’s next layer is memory foam. Memory foam allows for body contouring to give the sleeper maximum comfort.

Transition Layer – The third layer down is where Casper utilizes zoned support. This is designed to give support exactly where you want it. This layer is key because it helps compensate for the memory foam, which does not provide enough support for most people.

Foundation Layer – Typical of all foam mattresses, the base of this mattress is made of high density poly foam. This is stiff foam that provides the overall support for the mattress. 

Endy vs. Casper: The Feel

What position you sleep in can be a big decider on how firm you prefer your mattress to be. That is why we break down the feel of both mattresses by position so you know which one is the best for you!

How firm is the Endy Mattress?

The Endy mattress has a typical medium firm feel. After testing it, we averaged our scores out to be 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, where 10 is the firmest. Let’s look at each position to see how it stacks up. 

Back – The top layer of Endy’s foam allows for some good contouring and provides excellent comfort when on your back. It also does provide some good pressure relief, making it a good choice for back sleepers. 

Side – The medium firmness of this mattress makes it good for side sleepers, but strict side sleepers might want something even softer than this. 

Stomach – When on your stomach your hips will sink in a little more than The Casper Mattress. However, it is still quite comfortable and it is a good choice for this type of sleeper. 

How firm is the Casper Mattress?

In terms of memory foam mattresses, The Casper Mattress falls a bit on the firmer side. This can most likely be attributed to the extra layer that Casper has compared to most. After testing the mattress, we determined it to be a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. However, firmness can change based on what position you typically sleep in.

Back – The Casper offers good balance to back sleepers. The memory foam will allow for some contouring and comfort while the four layers provide firmness in the right areas. 

Side – Side sleepers typically like a mattress that is soft for their hips to sink into. The Casper Mattress might be a bit too firm yo if you are a strict side sleeper.

Stomach – If you like to sleep on your stomach this mattress is an excellent choice for you. It provides good support at the hips for optimal spinal alignment and comfort.

Endy vs. Casper Motion Transfer

One of the benefits of getting a memory foam mattress is that they typically limit motion transfer. This means that if you are sharing your bed and that person likes to stir during the night or gets up earlier than you, you are less likely to feel it. Both of these mattresses are basically equal in motion transfer, and if this is a concern for you, you cannot go wrong with either. 

Purchasing Information

Should I buy Endy?

Endy is an all Canadian brand that delivers (literally) an excellent product. It provides an excellent mix of comfort and support. If you are comparing this mattress with The Casper Mattress and cannot decide, price could be the deciding factor for Endy. 

Should I buy Casper?

Casper is one of the biggest names in the bed-in-a-box industry for a reason. They make high quality comfortable mattresses. They also offer multiple models so you can find the exact right mattress for you. 

Price and Sizes: Endy vs Casper




Twin XL$899$995
California King$1,399$1,495